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November 19, 2018


by Julia Morris

The year goes around, and season faithfully follows season.
The boughs that bend to breaking in the winter wind
will fill with sap once more
and burst into young fresh green.
They bend low a second time in summer
with full leaf and blossom
and then autumn will glow red and fiery
until each dying leaf makes a scarlet carpet
to soften the footsteps of winter once again.
So life and death are part of the unending rhythm
of creation, renewal and love.

As we give thanks to God in Christ
for the beginning of life so
we trust in God for the end of life. Amen

   As I read this poem, I see a beautiful image of life that ties each of us – even a leaf – to the awesome mystery of our ever changing and evolving universe with its galaxies and stars, its molecules and atoms.  I sense the sacredness of the entire universe, especially of the Earth itself with its mountains and oceans, trees and flowers, fish and birds. and elephants – and you and me.    I see God.

 Loren Bullock
November 18, 2018

Poem is from,  Newsletter of January 10, 2015

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