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A Timely Prayer in Church

October 15, 2017

O Ever-Creating God,

We live on this blue planet Earth that we call home, and it is alive with your presence. And we are grateful. Help each of us to learn to honor it, to protect it, to care for it, to take from it responsibly, and to enjoy it respectfully.

We sense your presence as we sit in this sacred space – with its glorious music – with its spoken words – and whenever we become aware of the quietness of your spirit within each of us, of your presence within our hearts. And we are grateful.

We are also aware of those sitting around us – that your presence is also in each one of them. We are a community. We belong. You are a part of us, and we are a part of you. And we are grateful.

But we are also aware of so much turmoil in the land – so much suffering from hurricanes and floods and fires – but also suffering from the hands of other humans. There is so much hunger in the world – so much anger – so much hate. Help us as human beings to let go of our own self-centerdness, our selfishness. Help us rise above our strong survival instincts that are such a basic – even controlling – part of all of life. It’s so easy to lash out – to hurt.

Rather, help us to practice your presence each day, recognizing your love within us – expressing your love to those around us – and living each day as Jesus lived, by letting your Spirit take control of our very beings.   Help us as we reach out to your world – our world –  with our love and our hands.

May the peace of your presence, which surpasses all understanding, guide our hearts and minds in the wonderful mystery that is Christ Jesus.


Loren Bullock
October 15,2017

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