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My Birthday at 91

October 18, 2015

I woke up this morning no different than before, but the calendar tells me that today I am a year older at 91. My real surprise is when I see a photo of me, as I did last night, for the person I see looking out from the picture is a stooped old man, and that’s not my self image at all. For one thing, I feel that I am still 5-10 and standing up straight. With my scoliosis and thinner disks in my spine, I’m only 5-2. But I am still ME – the same me that I was when I was a little boy of five! Oh, I have a lot more memories and have had many amazing experiences through the years. But more important and wonderful have been my parents, my family and my friends, my teachers and colleagues that over the years have become of part of me. It was those personal relationships with those special people that added so much over the years to the ME that was in that little boy of five.  I can only be very humble and very grateful.

Loren Bullock
October 17, 2015

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