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Life is a Miracle

April 14, 2015

I see life as a miracle. All of life – trees, flowers, bees, lions, people – and all related one to another. A miracle. A gift. A gift to be treasured, to be enjoyed, to be awed by, but also to be used – not selfishly but generously – a gift to be given away, not hoarded and kept to oneself. Life has meaning only in relationship to other life. What a precious gift! A miracle!

The early Hebrews used the word miracle to describe any action of God in their lives. We now usually use the word to describe something outside of natural law – a supernatural happening. I prefer to use the word in the old Hebrew sense when I say that life is a miracle. I see God in all of life – in its development and evolution, in its order amidst complexity, in its beauty, and in the relationships that I experience. So yes, life is a miracle. And it is in the life all about me and in the relationships and love of those around me that I find and experience God.

Loren Bullock
November 10, 2006

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