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July 25, 2012

It is often through our stories and our art and our music that we can begin to see and feel and know God as a presence within ourselves. And this becomes especially so at Christmas time when we worship a baby born so long ago. It’s in those familiar stories and in the familiar carols that we even today can experience that same wonder and joy and excitement of those earliest disciples who, after Jesus’ death, encountered the continued presence of Jesus within themselves. No wonder that they could express that experience only in stories that mirrored their awe and amazement – stories that came out their culture of that time. Stories that transcend history. Stories that still speak to us today.

So especially in Advent time, let us worship the Christ Child by listening anew to the Christmas stories and by singing the carols and experiencing that same joy and excitement of the shepherds and magi. We too can hear the angels sing and we too can see and follow the star.

Loren Bullock
November 17, 2010

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