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July 25, 2012

Stewardship to me has something to do with assets and how we use those assets. And by assets we usually think of money, i.e., cash or checking accounts or mutual funds or also property such as houses or cars or things that George Carlin calls “stuff”, and we all have lots of “stuff.”

But assets are more than money and stuff. For my very life is an asset. It is an asset that God has given to me as a gift – not just to keep – but to use. It’s an asset like an interest-free loan that I didn’t even sign for, and that I have been entrusted with for a while. And I’m supposed to use that loan responsibly and not just for myself. Surprisingly enough, I am supposed to use that loan by loaning it out to others – also interest-free. My life is an asset that I am supposed to give away! And the amazing thing is that even though I use the asset and even give it away, the principal doesn’t get any smaller. If anything it gets bigger. (I wish that applied to my Home Equity Loan.)

So my very life is a gift. A gift to me to use for a time. And then eventually give it all back. And included as a part of that gift, God has given me some marvelous things: a mind to think with, eyes to see with, ears to hear with, and a heart to feel with. But more than anything, He has given me love – His love of me – plus the capability within me to love others. What a precious gift we’ve received! And it is a gift!

So stewardship is just giving it back every day – not waiting until that final due date. Stewardship is our purpose in life. It’s why we’re here. And that’s why our real job in life is stewardship.

Loren Bullock

November 7. 2004

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